Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker  

Recipe of Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker

Posted Date : October 29,2015
Time to make : 45 Min
Instruction for Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker
  • Rinse the rice till the water runs clears of starch. Then soak it in water for 30 minutes.
  • Heat 3 tbsp ghee or oil in the pressure cooker and add sliced onions. 
  • Saute on a low flame, till the onions are golden and then remove them with a slotted spoon. 
  • In same oil, add cashews and brown them. Add the whole spices - cinnamon, tej patta, black cardamom, green cardamoms, cloves, black pepper, stone flower, cumin seeds and mace, saute for a few seconds till the spices become aromatic.
  • Add sliced onions. Stir and saute the onions on a low flame. 
  • Then add ginger+garlic+green chili paste. Stir and saute till the raw aroma of the ginger and garlic goes away about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Add the all the chopped veggies, including tomatoes and peas. Saute for 2 to 3 minutes on a low flame.
  • Add the drained rice. Saute gently for 1 to 2 minutes till the oil/ghee has coated the rice grains evenly.
  • Pour water and add salt. Stir the veg pulao gently.
  • Cover the pressure cooker tightly with its lid. Pressure cook the veg pulao for 2 to 3 whistles on a medium to high flame. 2 whistles will give you a less softer texture. 
  • When the pressure settles down on its own, remove the lid and gently fluff the rice. 
  • Serve the vegetable pulao garnished with fried onions, cashews and mint or coriander leaves. 
  • Serve this pressure cooked vegetable pulao goes well with boondi raita, plain raita or onion-tomato raita.
Ingredients of Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker
  1. 1.5 cups basmati rice, about 300 grams rice
  2. ⅓ cup peas/matar, fresh or frozen 
  3. ¼ cup chopped french beans, chopped 
  4. ⅓ cup chopped carrots, chopped into cubes 
  5. ⅓ cup chopped potatoes, chopped into cubes 
  6. ¼ to ⅓ cup sliced or chopped mushrooms 
  7. ⅓ cup chopped medium cauliflower/gobi florets 
  8. ⅓ cup chopped capsicum, chopped into cubes 
  9. ¼ cup chopped tomatoes or 1 medium sized tomato 
  10. 1 medium sized onion, thinly sliced  
  11. 2.5 cups water 3 tbsp oil or ghee 
  12. ½ inch ginger/adrak, roughly chopped 3-4 medium garlic cloves/lahsun 1 green chili 
  13. Roughly chopped whole garam masala or spices: 1 inch cinnamon stick/dal chini 2 to 3 green cardamoms/choti elaichi 1 black cardamom/badi elaichi 2 to 3 cloves/lavang 2 single strands of mace/javitri 1 medium sized tej patta/indian bay leaf 1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera a small piece of stone flower/pathar phool (optional) 3 to 4 whole black pepper/sabut kali mirch for garnishing: 1 small onion, thinly sliced or about ¼ cup thinly sliced onions 12 to 15 cashews/kaju 1 tbsp chopped coriander or mint leaves.
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