Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken  

Recipe of Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken

Posted Date : November 02,2014
Time to make : 30 Minutes
Instruction for Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken
  • Combine flour, salt and pepper in a zipper-style food storage bag.
  • Cut up chicken, if needed.
  • Toss chicken pieces in seasoned flour mixture.
  • Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in the pressure cooker.
  • Brown chicken pieces.
  • Remove browned chicken pieces to a plate.
  • Drain off excess fat.
  • Add water.
  • Place pressure cooker trivet in pan.
  • Add chicken pieces.
  • Secure pressure cooker lid onto pot.
  • Line a jelly roll baking pan with foil.
  • Spray baking pan with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Cook chicken 12 to 15 minutes in pressure cooker
  • Let the chicken cool naturally for 5 minutes.
  • Release pressure, if required.
  • Carefully remove pressure cooker lid.
  • Remove chicken pieces to prepared baking pan.
  • Broil until crispy.

Ingredients of Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken
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