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United Cooker Prices / Rate List

Pressure Cookers

Regular Aluminium Inner Lid

Size Price / Rate
1.5 Litre (Wide Body) 981.00 INR
2 Litre 1057.00 INR
3 Litre (Wide Body) 1291.00 INR
2.5 Litre 1129.00 INR
3 Litre (Tall Body) 1165.00 INR
4 Litre 1452.00 INR
5 Litre 1621.00 INR
6.5 Litre 1845.00 INR
8 Litre (Tall Body) 1900.00 INR
8 Litre (Wide Body) 2421.00 INR
10 Litre 2812.00 INR
12 Litre 3052.00 INR
16 Litre 4474.00 INR
22 Litre 6733.00 INR

Magic Black Induction

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 1649.00 INR
3 Litre/ltr 2400.00 INR
5 Litre 2274.00 INR
5 Litre/ltr 2900.00 INR

Magic Silver Induction

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 1562.00 INR
3 Litre/ltr 1900.00 INR
5 Litre 1900.00 INR
5 Litre/ltr 2300.00 INR

Magic Induction

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 1436.00 INR
5 Litre 1772.00 INR

E- Series

Size Price / Rate
2 Litre 1122.00 INR
3 Litre 1347.00 INR
5 Litre 1691.00 INR

Elegance Outer Lid

Size Price / Rate
2 Litre 1059.00 INR
3 Litre 1245.00 INR
3 Litre 1082.00 INR
3 Litre 1321.00 INR
5 Litre 1777.00 INR
5 Litre 1473.00 INR
5 Litre 1701.00 INR
7.5 Litre 2156.00 INR
10 Litre 2545.00 INR
30 Litre 14900.00 INR


Size Price / Rate
2 Litre ( Non Induction ) 1425.00 INR
3 Litre 1650.00 INR
3 Litre/ltr 2390.00 INR
3.5 Litre 1775.00 INR
5 Litre 2275.00 INR
5 Litre/ltr 2910.00 INR
6.5 Lire 2475.00 INR

Steeltuff Stainless

Size Price / Rate
2.5 Litre 2121.00 INR
3 Litre 2424.00 INR
5 Litre 2727.00 INR

Silvo Oval Shape

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 1150.00 INR
3 Litre 1075.00 INR
5 Litre 1450.00 INR
5 Litre 1375.00 INR


Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 1335.00 INR
5 Litre 1765.00 INR


Ucook Cookware Set

Size Price / Rate
2.5 Litre/ltr 2499.00 INR

Ucook Kadhai

Size Price / Rate
2 Litre/ltr 1180.00 INR
3 Litre/ltr 1310.00 INR
3 Litre 1450.00 INR
4 Litre/ltr 1490.00 INR

Ucook Saucepan

Size Price / Rate
1 Litre 700.00 INR
1.5 Litre 730.00 INR
2 Litre 940.00 INR

Ucook Stainless Steel

Size Price / Rate
1 Litre 800.00 INR
1.6 Litre 830.00 INR
2.2 Litre 950.00 INR
2.25 Litre 1250.00 INR
1.75 Litre 1150.00 INR
3.1 Litre 1100.00 INR
3.25 Litre 1380.00 INR

Smart Cooker

3 in 1 Smart Cooker

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre 2999.00 INR
3 Litre/ltr 3500.00 INR
5 Litre/ltr 4800.00 INR
5 Litre 3199.00 INR

2 in 1 Eco Smart Cooker

Size Price / Rate
3 Litre/ltr 2099.00 INR

The United pressure cooker price list, for every series, is very cost effective and even more reasonable.

Regular aluminum inner lid pressure cookers

The regular aluminum inner lid pressure cookers are one of its best products available. These are available in different sizes like 1ltr, 2ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr, 6.5ltr. All United regular aluminum inner lid pressure cookers are beautifully designed, safe to use and can be easily operated. These cookers are manufactured to minimize the burden of cooking from the Indian kitchens. Regular Aluminum Inner Lid 2 Litre price is 1057.00 INR,for 3 Litre/ltr pressure cooker price is 1291 , 16 Litre/ltr pressure cookers price 4474.00 INR and for 22 Liter price is 6722 .

Magic Induction pressure cookers

UNITED Magic Induction pressure cookers Series are very demanding in Indian kitchens. This brand is one of the leading organizations for production pressure cookers. Magic silver is an induction based pressure cooker. Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel with the aid of magnetic induction, in place of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very speedy will increase in temperature can be performed. Due to these features magic induction reduces the time of cooking.

The magic black induction pressure cooker is available in different sizes with different prices. Like for 3 Litre/ltr Induction Pressure Cookers price is 1649.00 INR and for 5 Litre/ltr Induction Pressure Cookers price is 2274.00 INR.

Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker

Magic Silver Induction pressure cookers price list are for 2 Litre the price is 1300.00 INR and 3 Litre 1562.00 INR.

E-Series Aluminum Inner Lid Pressure Cookers

E-Series Aluminum Inner Lid Pressure Cookers, brought to you by United Pressure Cooker is a very new range of pressure cookers. In this series cooking is pretty efficient, this means that it puts less waste warmth into the kitchen, can be quickly grew to become off, and has protection blessings in comparison to gas hobs . The price list for E–Series is 2 Litre/ltr pressure cooker price is 1122.00 INR, for 3 Litre/ltr pressure cooker price is 1347.00 INR and for 5 Litre/ltr pressure cookers price is 1691.00 INR

Elegance Outer Lid Pressure Cookers

Elegance Outer Lid Pressure Cookers can be used for preparing any kind of food in it. Its heavy aluminum texture gives more taste to the food. It is available in a size range of 2 ltr, 3 ltr, 5 ltr,7 ltr and 10Liter.

Its modular designs and extremely clever finish offers you the reason to buy it and increase the beauty of your kitchen. Your kids can even love the meals organized in elegance collection of United strain Cookers. Now there can be no extra fraud reasons out of your children for ingesting outdoor food. They will revel in the meals at home as those stress cookers prevent food from overcooking. Guidance in Pressure cookers additionally enhance the odor and taste of the food. Handling Elegance Outer Lid Pressure Cooker is not difficult, you just need to take care about the safety guards only.

Elite pressure cookers

The Elite pressure cookers are available in various sizes of 2ltr, 3ltr and 5ltr .The aluminum based heavy duty pressure cookers with hard anodized finish are good for preparing food. The advantage of using this range is that they took less time to prepare food. The food prepared in these pressure cookers tastes yummy and stay fresh for a long time. No extra skills are required for operating this pressure cooker but still for more safety, a user manual guide and a safety guard is provided with each commodity. The users said that using Elite range is like diminishing your task to a simple step.

Entire range of this cooker is unique in all kind. Its look is derived with black shade. The cooker is more efficient as it preserves more energy and fuel during cooking. The preparation of food is done by keeping all eatables in cooker with proportionate ratio of water in it. As water is the main factor for cooking, no additional oil or ghee is required in it. So we can say that Elite pressure cooker cooked food is good for diet and health conscious persons.

Steel Tuff Stainless Steel pressure cookers

The Steel Tuff Stainless Steel pressure cookers are successfully running in the market from a very long time period. The price list for steel tuff series is 5 Litre/ltr pressure cooker price is 2121.00 INR, for 3 Litre/ltr price is 2222.00 INR.

The United Group is manufacturing more smart cookers other cookwares. Steel Tuff Pressure Cooker is the most popular and familiar range of pressure cookers from United Pressure Cooker Company. Its blending contemporary styling, adds it more to the cart of the buyers. As its name signifies, it is made by pure stainless steel material. A heavy duty stainless steel material tends it to become the most exhausted product of the company. The pressure cookers are made to minimize the load of cooking from the Indian kitchen. united is offering exclusive range of pressure cookers in 2 Litre/ltr Smart Pressure Cooker , 5 Litre/ltr Smart Pressure Cookers with economic price and better features than other brands,With a large variety of the most efficient pressure cooker online united welcomes you to the contemporary era in which you can purchase all of your own family and kitchen necessities at the same time as no longer having to leave the consolation of your house. For special dinners, find the pressure cooker that you need only on united pressure cooker, Choose from our widest range of pressure cookers online.