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    UNITED Magic Silver Induction Induction pressure cookers are very demanding in Indian kitchens. This brand is one of the leading companies for manufacturing pressure cookers. This market leadership is gained by offering good quality product. They are available in sizes of 2 ltr,3 ltr, 5 ltr. The purely aluminum based material used for the manufacturing of Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker. This material is very safe, durable and environment friendly that comes with an ISI mark. A user manual guide is also provided with each unit by the company for the users to know about the safety tips and using and cleaning methods.

    This is an induction based pressure cooker. That means it supports to induction plate. It has a flat magnetic surface so that it could get the magnetic induction from the induction plate and heat the vassal directly. It can also be used with our regular gas stoves or electric burners and hence it is also called dual support pressure cooker. It comes with an additional property that it is anodized. It is a coat with a metal oxide layer by an electrolytic process in which metal forms the anode. This coating of anode protects the food from over cooking, also it makes the magic silver induction pressure cooker scratch proof.


    It is the time of technologies and everyone is surrounded with machines.In that case life of everyone is getting very fast and there is lack of time. People want the facilities of doing work in simple steps without any hazel. Even in the houses, no body has time to spend long hours in the kitchens after a very hectic day schedule. In that case pressure cooking is the most simple and admiring way to prepare food.This Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker is loved by all homemakers just because it helps them to prepare food very fast.

    Everybody knows that pressure cooking is more beneficial than other ways of cooking food. United Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker cooks food faster than others. The taste of the food prepared by United Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker is full of flavors. The yummy food is praised by everyone and every time. The nutritive values of the meal do not goes in vein, the pressure cooking maintains the nutritive values of all dishes. In other ways of cooking, sometimes over cooking vanishes all the taste and nutritive values of the food but this United Magic Induction pressure cooker do not let the food to over cook.

    Those who have kids in their houses, are mostly stuck by their eating habits and flavors. Kids do not like home made food and every time ask to make something according to their taste. Now the solution is here, any type of food or dish can be prepared in Unite Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker. You can make the dishes of your kid's choice. Also the taste of the dishes will be superb and will be praised by your kids, its a deal. As the techniques of this pressure cooker do not let to go the taste of the food. So, now the issues of the kids hunger is also sort out by this United Pressure Cooker.


    Induction cooking is also very valuable. As the time is passing, all the fossil fuels are getting finish. There will be no fossil fuel in the upcoming time for our next generations. So we need to preserve the fuels in each and every condition. The induction plate and the United Magic Induction pressure cooker both are fuel efficient. This pressure cooker saves up to 70% of fuel by cooking food in it,whereas a induction plate saves up to 84% of energy. That means United induction pressure cooker saves more energy than an individual. The more is the energy saved the more will be money, and also the fuels will be preserved for the future usage.

    The use of induction pressure cooker is very easy and working with an induction cooker is also very easy and a smart way to work. Now everyone is getting induction cookers in their kitchens. Anyone can work with it as there is no chance of any miss happening. Even kids at your home can work with it. United Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker is working as the second hand in the Indian kitchens by offering a tasty and healthy food to the users without taking much preparation time.  


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