Which is better? Raw or Cooked

Jun 25,2015
Which is better? Raw or Cooked
Losing weight on the raw foods diet is easy. In fact, most prominent raw fodder consider weight loss a mere "side-effect" of natural diet usually. They are basically emphasize on the main benefits such as enhanced mood and increased energy because they consider it blatantly obvious that anyone who switches to the raw diet will inevitably achieve an ideal weight.

Raw food's incredible weight loss and energy-boosting properties stem from their abundance of enzymes, high-fiber content, and nutrient density.


"Nature has enclosed all raw foods with the correct and balanced amount of food enzymes for human consumption." Any plant-based food eaten in its natural state contains the enzymes (cellular workers) needed to digest itself.Essentially, this means that raw food nutrients are more easily used on the spot by the body (for physical and mental activity) and less likely to be stored as fat. The result is loosing of excess fats present in the body. And because the body wastes less of its own energy and enzymes breaking food down into usable chemicals and your daily stamina is increased boosting you all the day.


All whole natural foods - especially leafy green vegetables - are rich in fiber and increasing your fiber intake means optimizing your digestion. The acidic products of incomplete digestion, i.e.,metabolic waste and mucous, travel slowly through the small and large intestines. On their painstaking journey's they facilitate weight gain by creating an acidic state in the blood stream. Your body would prefer to take advantage of fats you ingest by using them to regenerate tissues all over the body. But when your blood cells' environment becomes acidic, they begin storing everything to restore natural pH (the measure of acidity). Fiber promotes complete digestion by driving leftovers through the GI tract for excavation from the body. This prevents the body from entering "storage mode" to rid itself of acidity, resulting in quick and sustainable weight loss. Because fiber helps clear out the mucous that would be stored between your muscle and your skin, raw food weight loss results appear faster and are more noticeable Fiber also scrubs the intestines as it passes, leaving them clean for optimal nutrient absorption. This strengthens the revitalizing powers of raw foods even further.

Bio-available nutrients:

Raw living foods are vast reservoirs of balanced nutrition that your body recognizes instantly and can utilize completely. When your body notes the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that you ingest with a whole natural meal, it stops producing Ghrelin - the hormone that makes you hungry and tells the body to store fats - and starts secreting Leptin - the hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied and tells the body the utilize nutrients instead of storing them. The abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in living foods are undamaged by the excessive heat of cooking and can communicate to the body that it has ample "fuel" to sustain itself. When your body knows it's got what it needs, it turns off "storage mode" and purges excess fat stores. This makes dropping unwanted pounds on a raw foods diet easy and sustainable so you can lose the weight and keep it off. Just like enzymes and fiber, the great quantity of nutrients in natural food has more than just continual weight loss. They increase energy by fueling all the organs and systems of the body. Unfortunately, once a foodstuff has been heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

All enzymes are destroyed so food is harder to break down and use Chemical structure of fiber is altered making it less effective in aiding digestion Nutrients are destroyed or altered so they are less recognizable and useful to the body Indigestible trans fats (that the body can only store) are formed Worst of all, cooking causes sugars and proteins to react chemically, forming harmful compounds referred to as HCA's that inhibit health brain function and artificially stimulate appetite. The best diet for continual effortless weight loss and abounding energy is the natural raw diet. Live enzymes, undamaged fiber, and natural-state nutrients all work to sculpt your figure fast and give that "get up and go!" feeling. Read More..