United Cookware Range

United Cookware Range

Sep 29,2015
United Cookware Range

United cookware is the oldest and the very marvelous company dealing in the field since a long time. Not only the pressure cookers but company is dealing by manufacturing other cookwares too. A very wide range of products are there which are manufactured under the company supervision. The quality of the material used for the formation of the entire range of cookware is satisfying. All ISI marked material is used and ISI marked product is manufactured. The range of cookware includes dosa tawa, kadhai, concave tawa, a compact cookware set of heavy gauge cookware set and a glass lid.

Dosa Tawa :This united cookware is so special as it is manufactured for a particular usage that is for preparing dosa and that is why it is named with dosa tawa. The specification if this dosa tawa is that its latest model is coming with induction base of 28-cm. This tawa is in a big demand by the dosa lovers. Specially by those who prefers homemade food items. It is non stick material type that means it do not let to stick food on it and prevent it from over cooking.

UCook Kadhai :This united cook kadhai is very demanding in the market. It is induction friendly, that means can be used on gas stove or induction plate as well. It is made up of aluminum and comes with Teflon coating to make it non sticky. This feature makes it capable to prevent cook from over cooking and also do not let the eatables to stick on itself. It comes with a glass lid. The breakable glass lid increases its beauty as well as makes it capable to prepare food in less time.

Concave Tawa : This induction friendly concave tawa is widely using in each family.It is specially used for preparing chapatis. A 25cm concave tawa is the standard size, used in the families. It comes with an additional feature of its non stickiness that prevent chapatis to stick on the tawa. The chapatis made on this concave tawa tastes yummy band stay soft for a long time.

UCook Cookware Set :This combined set of cookware by the united company is one of its most demanding products. This is a new age of cookware used for healthy cooking. The entire range in this combo is induction friendly and comes with non stick coating. It is compatible with induction cooking as well as gas stove cooking. These cookwares can also be used as the purpose of cook and serve. Looks beautiful and keeps the food fresh and yummy for a long time.

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