Tips Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Pressure Cooker

Tips Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Pressure Cooker

Oct 26,2015
Tips Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Pressure Cooker

Working on pressure cooker is very profitable in Indian kitchen. Pressure cooking is known for preparing food quickly and for the yummy taste.A pressure cooker is known as the king of the kitchen, as it can perform all tasks. Cooking, boiling, steaming, baking and many other processes can be easily done in a pressure cooker. Using a pressure cooker is quite easy, it do not requires any additional skill or operating techniques to work with it. But there are some points that illustrates about the methods to be used for getting the maximum output from your pressure cooker. It is a fact that more you will work on it, the more it will give you the outputs.

Tips of getting the most out of your pressure cookers are :

  • Keep it right with cleaning : Before storing it, always wash the pot, lid and the rubber gasket with warm water and soap. Dry it properly and than place it to the rack by putting the lid upside down, on top of the pot. Always check the safety valves, checks it cleaning and must be unobstructed. That rubber gasket should be flexible, so that it could be easily fixed on the lid before using.

  • Always cook with Liquid : Use sufficient amount of the liquid in pressure cookers while cooking food. Although the pressure cooking requires less water on comparison with other conventional cooking methods as less evaporation is done in it. One can use more amount of water during cooking but less can not be entertained by the pressure cookers, while cooking. Working of pressure cooker depends on the pressure induced inside the cooker on heating so, appropriate amount of liquid is required every time.

  • Adjust the heat to get best result : Adjustment of heat should be done according to the requirement to get the best results of pressure cooking. Always put the pressure cooker on the high flame on the starting. One it attain a proper pressure in it, place it on the slow fame. This will cook food properly and also will improve the taste.

  • Size matter : For even cooking, always try to cut the veggies or meat pieces in equal sizes. The pieces should not be very big, as big pieces will take more time too cook. Never put the food above the 2/3 of the pressure cooker.