The Pressure Cooker Trouble Shooter

Jul 05,2016
The Pressure Cooker Trouble Shooter
The booklet that accompanies the United pressure cooker carry all informative values but some it it happens that they exclude some data about what's in store amid ordinary operation – considerably less give any help when something turns out badly. That is the reason we've made this blog – a visual manual for depict how to utilize your United pressure cooker, alongside the most widely recognized issues.

The troubles in pressure cooking like difficult in reaching up to the pressure, problem in maintaining the pressure while cooking, too much steam spew, cooked food in actually
uncooked/ over cooked or dry etc. are some issues that are consistently seen by the user while using. So here are the keys to be used while cooking as the pressure cooker trouble shooters.

– Gasket not in proper position: Remove top and evacuate gasket then clean and place according to guidelines.

– Valve not shut or set effectively: Remove the valve and clean altogether, put in the best possible position to assemble pressure.

– Top not in right position: Remove top and supplant as indicated by direction manual.

– Pressure cooker not bolted: If the cooker is not self­locking, guarantee the component to assemble pressure is determinedly locked in.

– Gasket or security valve worn: Replace gasket and/or other silicone or elastic parts, for the most part once at regular intervals.

– Handle(s) free: Tighten handles as per direction manual.

– Insufficient fluid: Add least sum as indicated in guideline manual.

– Fluid too thick: Do not include thickeners (flour, and so on.) before pressure cooking.

– Pressure cooker full: A cooker with a considerable measure of fluid or fixings could take 20­30 minutes to achieve pressure.

– Pressure cooker too full: Only fill pressure cooker to 1/2 full for food that are like grain, rice, beans and leafy foods 2/3 full for every other food.

– Fixings exceptionally chilly: A pressure cooker with extremely cool or solidified material will take 20­30 minutes to achieve pressure.