Revolutionize your life with pressure cooker

Mar 24,2015
Revolutionize your life with pressure cooker

In this fast life, everything needs to be done very fast.A minute wasted is equal to an hour wasted. Hence no one can afford to waste asingle minute. But what about cooking then? Ample time should be dedicated tocook sumptuous food to your near and dear ones. Gone are those days, when youhave to spend long hours in the kitchen stirring vegetables and waiting for thechicken to become soft. With the coming of pressure cooker, the entire cookingprocess has been revolutionised.

There are several manufacturers of Pressure Cooker suchas United Pressure Cooker that have marked their presence in the market. Bothinternational and domestic pressure cookers manufacturers are doing pretty goodbusiness in the Indian market. Let us discuss some of the reasons of itspopularity.

 Healthier Cooking:

Food must be delicious but at the same time it should betaken care that the food does not lose its nutrient value. It is meaningless tocook anything delicious within no time but there is no nutrition in the food.Pressure cooker is ideal as it satisfies all the conditions. It cooks deliciousfood very fast and also retains its nutrition value. Now the question ariseshow it maintains the healthy quotient? The steam is the best thing about thecooker. It stays inside the cooker during the entire process of cooking. Hence,you need not have to add extra water during cooking. Also the steam whichcontains the nutrient of the food goes back to it. This makes pressure cookingis the healthiest compared to all cooking alternatives. Cooking in pressure cooker also mean that there is very less chance of getting the food burnt.

Better Taste:

Steam plays the role of hero in pressure cooker cooking.The delicious taste of the food is due to the steam which has the actual flavourof the food. The temperature achieved during cooking in united pressure cooker is muchhigher than the temperature which can be achieved in regular pan. This makesthe food get ready quicker. If you cook pulses in pressure cooker, it gets acreamy consistency and meat also becomes very soft. Thus, one can surely saythat it cooks food much tastier.

Pressure Cooking Is Much Quicker:

In this fast world, no one can afford to spend much timeeven in cooking. Everything needs to be done at the snap of the finger. Stainlesssteel pressure cooker prepares a meal much quicker than regular cooking. Itgets heated up faster than a normal pan and the temperature reached is quitehigh. The cooker can keep the higher temperature for a longer period of time.You can cook chicken in about fifteen minutes, kidney beans in less than tenminutes.

Saves Energy and Money:

Pressure cooker really saves a lot of your precious time.You don't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Instead you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, it not only saves time but also saves alot of energy. Less gas or electricity is used up while cooking in a stainlesssteel pressure cooker. It is interesting to note that it saves up to seven typer cent of time and energy.


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