Pressure Cooker Vs Steamer – What’s the Difference?

Oct 12,2016
Pressure Cooker Vs Steamer – What’s the Difference?
Pressure cookers and steamers offer proficient and fast instruments for cooking good and delightful food. They can be utilized to cook a wide assortment of various nourishment. While the two terms are regularly utilized reciprocally, everything is distinctive and fills its own particular one of a kind need in the kitchen. On the off chance that you are attempting to choose which one is the better choice for cooking your preferred dinner, make sure that you comprehend the fundamental contrasts between the two.

The Function

As the name demonstrates, a steamer uses steam from bubbling water to cook vegetables. Despite the fact that a pressure cooker works also to a steamer, its outline highlights a locking component that traps the steam within the cooker to make much higher inner pressure levels. The higher pressure levels imply that the inner temperature of a pressure cooker is much higher than that of a standard steamer. Not just can a pressure cooker be utilized to cook vegetables, yet it can likewise be utilized to cook meat, beans, rice, and a few sorts of soup.


There are various sorts of steamers to look over. They go from straightforward crate embeds, which are utilized to cook vegetables, to electric steamers, which can be utilized to cook grains and little vegetables. Steamer wicker bin supplements are esteemed for their straightforwardness and viability, while electric steamers empower you to just set the clock and leave.

Pressure cookers principally come in one of two distinct models: electric ledge adaptations and non-electric stovetop models. United pressure cooker are accessible in a wide range of various sizes, going from United 1 ltr pressure cooker to 5 ltr, yet bigger models are accessible too.


Every choice offers a powerful strategy for cooking dinners. Steamers are cheap and easy to figure out how to utilize, yet pressure cooker permit a cook to practice more prominent control over the sustenance they are cooking on the grounds that accurate settings can be modified into the cooker. Pressure cooker can likewise be utilized to cook a more extensive assortment of nourishment stuffs that steamers can't – like meats.


Both pressure cooker and steamers use steam to cook nourishment, which offers various medical advantages including:

  • Retaining the structure of the sustenance that is to be prepared. Dissimilar to different techniques for sustenance prepare, the nourishment won't lose its shape. Vegetables won't transform into a crush or puree.
  • Retaining minerals and vitamins. Steam cooking is the main cooking technique accessible that does not exasperate the structure of sustenance, which is significant to holding its most beneficial components.
  • Retaining the shading and taste of the nourishment. Steam cooking holds the first shading, taste, and freshness of the sustenance that is being prepared. Flavors can likewise be added to the water amid the steaming procedure to give the sustenance an extraordinary taste.