Pressure Cooker Shape and Size

Jan 11,2016
Pressure Cooker Shape and Size
To get maximum from your pressure cooker, one must use it properly. The selection of size of a pressure cooker should be done wisely as it is the biggest factor for making delicious and proper food. Here few points are given that may help you for buying or using the most appropriate pressure cooker according to your utility:

2-3qt– small weight cooker is good to make sauces. As a result of their little size, they achieve pressure quicker (additionally cook less sustenance). Incredible for one person. This size can pressure cook one measure of dry rice (2 servings) or 6 measures of soup. This cooker is typically incorporated as a component of a set.

3-5qt– huge pressure cooker or braise is great for cooking meat as a result of the bigger surface area in direct contact with the heat source. Incredible for two individuals. This size can pressure cook 1/2 measures of dry rice (3 servings) or 8 measures of soup. This is our prescribed second pressure cooker (or third in the event that you officially own a set) for cooks who already own one pressure cooker and have moved the vast majority of their cooking under pressure.

6-8qt– stockpot type cooker is great for stews, soups, stocks, bean stews, etc. In the event that you can just bear the cost of one pressure cooker, this is the one you ought to begin with (the other maybe a couple can come later). Awesome for a group of 4-6 persons.This size can pressure cook some dry rice (6 servings) or some soup.This is our suggested estimate and shape for beginners – this size and shape is extremely flexible permitting the cook to attempt new and propelled strategies (bain marie, triplex cooking and steaming)that exploit this present cooker's height.

10qt or bigger – Pressure Cooker/Canners Because of their size,these pressure cookers can likewise be utilized as canners, and are utilized by restaurants, large gatherings and families. By USDA a pressure cooker can be utilized as a canner on the off chance that it can hold no less than four quart-sized containers. We alert the home cooks against this size cooker. These pots are substantial while discharge, and can be tricky to fit in the normal sink for cleaning.This size can weight cook 5 measures of dry rice (10 servings) or 25 measures of soup.