Pressure cooker- A great addition to any kitchen

Pressure cooker- A great addition to any kitchen

Sep 08,2015
Pressure cooker- A great addition to any kitchen
Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food, using water or other cooking liquid in a sealed vessel is known as a pressure cooker. It is used for cooking food faster than conventional cooking methods, which also saves energy. Pressure is created initially by boiling a liquid such as water or broth inside the closed in it. The trapped steam increases the internal pressure and temperature.

After use, the pressure is slowly released so that the vessel can be safely opened. This process can be used for quick simulation of the effects of long braising. Almost any food which can be cooked in steam or water-based liquids can be cooked by this process. Pressure cookers are typically made of aluminum (aluminium) or stainless steel. Aluminum, it may be stamped, polished, or anodized, but all are unsuitable for the dishwasher. They are cheaper, but the aluminium is reactive to acidic foods and flavour can be changed dur to the the reactions and less durable than stainless steel. 

Cooking with a pressure cooker results in healthier and better tasting food prepared in less time and with less energy by utilizing an efficient, versatile, safe, and easy-to-use kitchen accessory. Study after study has shown that the longer you cook food and the more liquid you use the more nutrients you lose.  Water-soluble vitamins and minerals are simply cooked out and washed away.  Pressure cooking helps retain the quality of the foods you cook with by preparing them quickly and with very little water.  Vegetables remain crisp, colorful and retain the texture and flavor that make them so delicious in the first place.  Meats stay juicy and moist.

A less amount of salt is required for the preparation of food. The pressure cooker cooks food 70% faster than conventional cooking techniques.  Faster cooking means less energy use.  Less energy use means less money spent and less impact whenever you use one. Modern pressure cookers are 100% safe and “goof-proof”.  Today’s designs employ up to six valve and vent safety systems that prevent accidents.  They can’t explode! The pressure release and gasket mechanism would allow excess pressure to vent (if there ever is any).

That’s it. A quality stainless-steel pressure cooker is safe, requires little maintenance and will last a lifetime. From a dutch oven to a steamer, from a sauce pan to a baking pan it is a multi-purpose pot.  The bottom line is that any meal that begins with fresh, whole foods will taste better than meals that begin with processed ingredients, which you likely use to save time or money. With a pressure cooker, you can save time and money, but still start with whole, fresh foods, resulting in healthier and tastier meals. For most home uses, a standard-size, 6-quart pressure cooker is suitable

You’ll want to choose heavy-gauge stainless steel or enamel-coated carbon steel rather than aluminum, because aluminum can interact with foods and create off flavors. It’s also helpful to choose a model with a helping handle opposite the main handle for easier lifting. Modern pressure cookers are much safer than the first-generation models of the 1930s and ’40s, which lacked safety features and had many complicated parts. Modern versions include a valve that releases excess steam, preventing accidents, as well as a locking feature that will not let you remove the lid until the pressure is reduced.

In addition, the new models seal in steam better, so less liquid is required. If you live above 3,500 feet, always increase cooking time by 10 percent. As per the change in time and with effect of new technologies here also some new features and specifications are introduced to take an ordinary pressure cooker to a new face or a new look. As people are moving from gas burners to induction plates now the utensils are also need to be induction plate friendly. So the very new feature is that now it can be used with induction plate and gas burner as well.