Induction Cooking? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Jul 14,2016
Deepak Pandey
Induction Cooking? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
Induction cooking is the best ever technology that benefits of gas cooking without any drawback or harm. Till now the gas cooking was known as the best mode of cooking food but since the induction cooking is introduced, people are getting attracted towards it.

Some says induction cooking is good and save but some do believe that gas cooking is much better than induction cooking. So, United Pressure Cookers has conducted a survey to know about how much percentage of the users are saying good to induction
cooking and who else is not satisfied with the new technology.

After that survey, United pressure cookers reached to a conclusion that users need
to know more properly about the advantages and disadvantages of induction
cooking. So, from United pressure cookers, here are the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooking:

– Safety is the biggest role played by induction cooking. Yes, induction pressure cookers are very safe and secure and easy to use as well. No additional skills or techniques are required to operate induction plates. Anybody can use induction cooking process for cooking without any harm.

– Cleaning also has very important role in induction cooking. Commonly,it is so messy to clear the gas stove and cookwares but induction cooking is a very clean process of cooking food or you can clean the induction cookwares easily without irritation.

– With various advantages, there are disadvantages too. Like the cookware top of the induction cookwares differs from general cookwares. So you need to buy those special induction friendly cookware tops for induction cooking. United all range of pressure
cookers comes with induction safe lids.

– Electricity or so called power can be a issue while using induction cooking. Induction cooking is only possible with power connection. If you have an outage you won't be able to cook food by induction cooking process.

There are many more advantages and disadvantages of induction cooking but according to a research, United induction cookwares and induction cooking is the best way of cooking as it cooks food faster, tastier as well as consumes 70% of energy.