Indian Standards For Pressure Cookers

Nov 19,2015
Indian Standards For Pressure Cookers
This blog contains all the requirements for domestic United Pressure Cooker.


Pressure Cooker : A closed local pressure cooking vessel for use with outer warmth source, and equipped for keeping up ostensible cooking weight up to 1.0 kgf/cm2(100 kN/m2 around) gauge ostensible.

Capacity: The fill fluid limit of the vessel, that is, all out inward volume with top in position.

Cooking Capacity : The most extreme cooking limit of the vessel is 66% of the limit.


All parts of the cookers including the vessel, gasket, pressure regulating gadget and interior frill which interact with food or steam might be made of the materials fulfilling the accompanying necessities:

    They should not stain the nourishment or ruin the flavor or smell of the cooked food in the cooker or make it get to be dangerous.

    They should not be influenced by contact with sustenance cooked in the cooker in a manner that the operational productivity or security of the cooker is debilitated.

Body,Lid, Containers and Grids

The body and the lid of the pressure cookers, the container furthermore,the grid should be produced using aluminum alloys fitting in with 1S 21 or stainless steel complying with assignment X04Crl 9Ni9 or X07Crl 8Ni9 of 1S5522.


    If stainless steel pressure cooker is furnished with composite base,the same might fit in with the applicable part .of 1S,4536.

     The container and grid should be structured with separate things and may not be supplied with the pressure cooker unless particularly requested.

Fusible Plugs : The chemical creation of the fusible attachment might be such that it dissolves before a gauge pressure more noteworthy than 3 kgf/cm2 (300 kN/m2 roughly)reached, in the event that of cookers made of wrought material.

Pressure Regulating Device : The pressure regulating device, aside from the vent seal pin, might be made of metal, stainless steel or leaded tin bronze.