Frequently Asked Questions - Pressure Cooker

Nov 21,2016
Frequently Asked Questions - Pressure Cooker
1) What is pressure cooking?
Pressure cooking is done at the breaking point of water which produces steam at 100ºC (212ºF). Pressure cooker works via fixing the steam in a pot so that there is a rise in pressure to a protected, controlled degree which raises the breaking point of water and in this way the cooking temperature. The United Pressure Cooker cooks food at 121ºC (250ºF) at a pressure of 15 pounds for every square inch (1 kg for each square cm). The steam penetrates through the nourishment, kneading it, mixing it with flavor, safeguarding supplements, shading, surface and squeezes and cooking much quicker.

2) What are the advantages of United Pressure Cooking?

• Faster Cooking. United cooker lessen the typical cooking times by as much as half, accordingly sparing time. (53% less time when contrasted with open pot cooking)

• Fuel Saving. Since sustenance cooks quicker in a pressure cooker, you spare fuel and in this way cash.

• More Healthful. Pressure cooking is solid: Scientific writing shows that specific nutritive components, for example, vitamins and proteins are better preserved while pressure cooking, in this manner giving more feeding nourishment than standard cooking.

• Improves Taste. The speedy cooking in superheated steam best inspires regular flavors from the nourishment and the shut cooking impregnates sustenance with juices and smells which could be lost in open pot cooking.

3) Why are the benefits of purchasing a United pressure cooker?

Contrasted with most different cookers, United is the top pressure cooker brand in India due to its outline.

• Longer enduring Gasket: As the cover fits from inside it is situated in the top and because of its fixing position, it doesn't get rubbed sideways every time the cooker is opened/shut as on account of outside fitting top cookers. Additionally the gasket is not presented to sustenance acids and chemicals as on account of external fitting cover cookers.

• The Safety Valve is situated under the lid handle, thus when it works, the handle avoids the steam and nourishment securely downwards. Henceforth, there is next to no likelihood of harming any individual who happens to stand out.

• Pressure bolted safety lid/ top: While there is pressure inside the cooker, the top is pressure bolted like the entryway of an advanced jetliner and can't be constrained open until the pressure tumbles to a protected level, along these lines killing the real reason for pressure cooker mischance.

• Better pressure direction: the new enhanced United pressure cooker: vent pressure/pressure controller is less demanding to embed and evacuate, lessens dal sprouting, gives better pressure control, cooks speedier and spares more fuel.

4) Should you pressure cook by considering shrieks or timing per the cookbook formula?

Counting whistles may give you the wrong time for cooking a specific nourishment or formula. Accordingly, dish may not get finely cooked, and there are odds of water becoming scarce and nourishment blazing, as well as security valve combining. Begin timing recipe when the pressure cooker achieves full working pressure. Utilize a kitchen clock or watch/clock – exact planning is basic to effective pressure cooking, which is much speedier than customary cooking so timing blunders have more noteworthy results.

5) What is hard Anodising?

Hard anodising was initially created by Russian researchers to deliver a metal surface sufficiently intense for space travel. A similar innovation is currently utilized by United to make its Hard Anodised pressure cooker and cookware. Through a procedure of electrolysis at below zero temperature utilizing a high force electric current, a 60 micron thick layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is framed atom by particle as a vital part of the metal. This procedure delivers a surface harder than steel with superb properties for cooking.