Eco Smart Cooker 2 in 1 most innovative pressure cooker

Nov 11,2016
Eco Smart Cooker 2 in 1 most innovative pressure cooker
The United All in one Eco Smart Cooker helps in keeping up the health of your family through its cleaning activity and better conservation of wholesome estimations of your sustenance. It additionally empowers you to assume a more productive part in the family and outside by sparing in cooking time. United All in one Eco Smart Cooker is ensured for a long time against any assembling deformity. It works easily for a considerable length of time with no issue.
United 2 in 1 Eco Smart Cooker Smart Cooker is a best cookware product fabricated from best quality manufactured Aluminum delivered from Hindalco by Aditya Birla assemble complying with IS:21-1992 and Lid and Strainer are manufactured of food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. The thickness of 4.5 mm of this pressure cooker keeps away the food from the blazing. The Fusible composite utilized as a part of our sheltered valve is sans lead, and the Eco Smart Cooker has a twofold Safety framework called GRS (gasket release system). This Smart Pressure cooker is Induction base which cooks nourishment 60% speedier.

In the event that, you confront any trouble or issue being used, kindly don't waver to contact our approved merchant from whom you have buy United pressure cooker, we guarantee you of our incite and true administration. We wish you to be a glad client of United All in one Eco Smart Cooker. For a deep rooted and inconvenience free administration from your United All in one Eco Smart Cooker, we would ask for you to please read and take after a couple of directions given in the accompanying pages of the user manual. We are certain that you will soon find that United is a wise group which reimburses its cost by saving money on fuel costs.

United 2 in 1 Eco Smart Pressure Cooker ( Cooker + Server )

-    It is heat productive, uniform and quick heating and is not ruined by high heat.

-    It is tough and durably strong, won't discolor or erode and will remain new for a considerable length of time.

Remarkable Features:

-    New Improved Pressure Regulator/Vent Weight
-    Durable Sealing Ring/Gasket
-    Rust Proof Components
-    Stainless Steel 8/18 Food Grade Used
-    Created Aluminum Used