Different Parts Of Pressure Cooker

Dec 18,2014
Different Parts Of Pressure Cooker
1.Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator controls and maintains 15 pounds of pressure in the pressure cooker. This is the ideal cooking pressure and is obtained when the pressure regulator begins a gentle rocking motion.

2.Vent Pipe

The pressure regulator fits on the vent pipe and allows excess pressure to be released.

3.Air Vent/Cover Lock

The air vent/cover lock automatically "vents" or exhausts air from the pressure cooker and acts as a visual indication of pressure in the pressure cooker. When the air vent/cover lock is in the up position, there is pressure in the unit. When it is in the down position, there is no pressure in the unit.

4.Lock Pin

The lock pin, located on the cover handle, engages with the air vent/cover lock to prevent the cover from being opened when there is pressure in the unit.

5.Sealing Ring

The sealing ring fits into the pressure cooker cover and forms a pressure-tight seal between the cover and the body during cooking.

6.Overpressure Plug

The overpressure plug is located in the cover. It will automatically release steam in case the vent pipe becomes clogged and pressure cannot be released normally.

7.Cooking Rack

The cooking rack is placed on the bottom of the pressure cooker for steaming foods. It also holds foods such as vegetables out of the cooking liquid which allows the cooking of several different foods at the same time without any intermingling of flavors. When it is desirable to blend flavors, do not use the cooking rack.

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