Cookware in Indian Kitchens with Pros and Cons:

Apr 25,2015
Cookware in Indian Kitchens with Pros and Cons:
Choosing the best cookware material is very important because that to some extent can make or break your health. Most Indian households used to use metal cookware made of steel or aluminium that would be pretty heavy and a good conductor of heat, hence the food got cooked quickly. However these items cannot be used now in all scenarios, especially if you are looking to cook in a microwave.

Stainless Steel Cookware – These are one of the most widely used cookware in Indian households. There are a few disadvantages though of using a stainless steel cookware. For instance it takes a bit of extra time to heat up and while cooking the food might stick to the surface. The advantage of using a stainless steel cookware is it can be cleaned pretty easily and can also be put into a dishwasher.

Biggest Con – It is not a microwavable  united pressure cookware and cannot be put in there.

Non-Stick Cookware – Non-stick cookware were quite a hit when they were introduced in the market. The prime reason why this cookware found places in a lot Indian households was because people could now use lesser oil to cook their food. This was considered healthy as more oil in food could mean higher chances of cholesterol and other heart diseases. The non-stick feature is due to the Teflon coated surface. It should be cleaned with care as rough handling might scratch off the Teflon coat.

Biggest Con – Non-Stick Cookware aren't microwavable friendly.

Aluminium Cookware – Considered as one of the most common type of cookware in India, aluminium cookware is a mix of advantages and disadvantages. These are light-weight which makes them easy to carry in the kitchen and are pretty inexpensive. However, this cookware can easily get a dent on and the enamel-coating which is found on these can easily chip off.

Biggest Con – It is not a microwavable cookware.

Glass cookware – This cookware essentially found a permanent place in the Indian kitchen after the introduction of microwaves. These are the only quality microwavable cookware available in the market. One can cook with plastic cookware too but plastic poses many threats to the health. Glassware is considered to be a perfect cookware as glass helps in cooking easily, food doesn't stick to its surface and most importantly it is considered to be the safest cookware. Moreover it can also be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.