Cleaning The Pressure Cooker

Dec 13,2014
Cleaning The Pressure Cooker
  1. Make sure your cooker is clean inside and out.
  2. Most stainless steel pressure cooker bottoms can be washed in the dishwasher unless the manufacturer states otherwise.
  3. When washing by hand use hot water and mild dishwashing soap and a sponge or cloth to clean the pot.
  4. Do not use metal or steel wool scouring pad.
  5. Use plastic, non-scratching cleaning pads when needed to remove stubborn spots.
  6. For more intensive cleaning try a non-abrasive cleanser such as Bon Ami, but do not use the scratchy, abrasive cleaners.
  7. For best results on aluminium follow the manufacturers directions. Make sure the inside of the pot is dry before putting it away.
  8. To shine the outside of stainless steel try Bar Keepers Friend, or another good metal polish.If your cooker is stainless steel the bottom can withstand the harsh detergents used by a dishwasher.
  9. Aluminum and coated aluminum should be washed by hand using hot water and dishwashing soap, unless your owners manual states otherwise.
  10. Use a sponge type scouring pad if needed, but no metallic pads.
  11. If you need to use a cleanser for those really stubborn spots use Bon Ami or another brand on non-abrasive cleanser.
  12. All types of lids should be washed by hand and not in the dishwasher.

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