Body and Lid of Pressure Cooker

Nov 17,2014
Body and Lid of Pressure Cooker
  • Remove label, wash, rinse and dry cooker before use. Remove any adhesive with baby or vegetable oil.
  • Do not hit or knock the rim of the cooker body with a ladle, spoon or any other object and protect the edge of the lid from dents which may disturb sealing.
  • Do not leave food or water in the cooker for hours.
  • Do not leave the cooker lying in water or with dirty dishes.
  • Chemicals and natural salts in the water and decomposing food can cause pitting of the metal.
  • Do not leave salted liquid, vinegar, lemon juice, mayonnaise or mustard in the cooker. Never add salt to the cooker when there is no liquid in the cooker.