About Presure Cooker

Nov 13,2014
About Presure Cooker
United Pressure-cooking is a cooking method that uses steam sealed in a pressure cooker, which is a special airtight cooking pot.  Sealing a liquid such as water, wine, stock or broth in a pressure cooker traps the vapour that rises from the liquid. 

This in turn raises the pressure inside the pressure cooker along with the maximum temperature that the liquid can reach.  The increased temperature and pressure significantly speed up the cooking process.

The pressure infuses the hot steam into the food.  United Pressure-cooking can cook foods in 1/3 the ordinary time on average and often over 10 times faster.  Compared to a microwave, the food tastes considerably better and compared to slow cooker, only takes a fraction of the time.
The steam pressure inside the pressure cooker cooks food much, much more rapidly than just boiling or baking food.  Unlike microwave cooking, pressure-cooked foods become moist and succulent with an intense intermingling of flavours.  Pressure-cooked foods retain much more of their vitamins and nutrients than boiled or commercially processed foods do.