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Respiratory problems increased due to Delhi pollution

Source : 1   On   08 Dec 2015
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With the level of contaminations and particulate matter noticeable all around going up, clinics in the city have seen a spurt in the quantity of individuals experiencing respiratory illnesses, asthma and bronchitis. 

The state of patients effectively experiencing respiratory maladies declines amid this time as contamination levels are high in view of mist and exhaust cloud, said Dr J C Suri, educator and head of aspiratory pharmaceutical at Safdarjung Hospital. 

"There is an increment in the quantity of patients coming to us with grievances of respiratory illnesses, for example, hack, chilly, sore throat and mid-section blockage. We generally advise such patients to abstain from going out amid the sunrise and sunset hours when contamination levels are at their top," said Dr Suri. 

As indicated by a specialist from Center for Science and Environment, there has been a "sevenfold increment" in Delhi's air contamination level since October.