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LeT agent Sandeep Sharma converts to Islam, joins Lashkar to win over "Kashmiri girl"

Source : 1   On   13 Jul 2017
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LeT agent Sandeep Sharma converts to Islam, joins Lashkar to win over "Kashmiri girl"

Srinagar: Sandeep Sharma, a.k.a Adil, who was captured by Jammu and Kashmir Police last Sunday,  joined terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba as he needed to wed a "Kashmiri girl" at any cost".

Amid a cross examination, the counter dread squad sleuths of Uttar Pradesh police discovered that Sandeep Sharma was really 'stuck by a cupid' and was deeply in love with a Kashmiri girl.

According to Times of India, Sandeep got himself included impractically with numerous Kashmiri young ladies and was allegedly "edgy" to wed one of them.

To wed the girl, Sandeep had changed over to Islam and named himself Adil, uncovered Uttar Pradesh police.

As a pre-condition to marriage, Sandeep changed his religion to Islam and renamed himself Adil about a year prior. He shared the information amid the cross examination by a group of UP ATS. IG Aseem Arun said that Sandeep's numerous filings drove him to the way of dread.

According to Indian Express, Sandeep left the place where he grew up Muzaffarnagar and moved to Punjab six years back looking for a work while he was as yet a young person. Having learnt the subtleties of gas metal welding from his dad before his demise, Sandeep looked for some kind of employment in Patiala.

Amid the winters, an extensive piece of young fellows moves down to Himachal, Punjab and different parts of the nation from Jammu and Kashmir.

"Sandeep interacted with some Kashmiri adolescents in Patiala. The companionship extended and he began frequenting the Valley in summers for odd employments alongside them," included IG Arun.

Sandeep began his criminal exercises Kashmir with burglaries and later joined a gathering for ATM heists. On June 16, when fear based oppressors slaughtered six policemen in Achabal zone of Anantnag region, it was Sandeep who drove the engine vehicle shipping the aggressors.

Sandeep Sharma was given arms preparing by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Having a driving permit in his unique name, Sharma was utilized as a driver by fear agents in the Valley to move weapons from one area to the next, expressed the report citing the cross examination report.