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Ancient tombs discovered in China

Source : 1   On   07 Dec 2015
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A gathering of tombs going back to 771-476 BC were found in China's Henan area, archeologists said on Sunday. 

The gathering, situated in Luoyang city, is made out of more than 200 tombs, eight stallion and chariot pits, more than 30 fiery debris pits and more than 10 ovens. It covers a range more than 200,000 sq meters, Xinhua reported. 

Close by the tombs, an antiquated city going back to the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD) was likewise found. 

Archeologists trust the site was home to an old tribe more than 2,600 years back. The tribe was one of only a handful few in the district whose relocation and time of die was recorded. 

Specialists will examine the tribe to take in the historical backdrop of relocation of minorities in focal China.