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UNITED PRESSURE COOKER is the leading brand since 1954. From their beginning till now the United Group is known to be one of the top companies for contributing pressure cookers and other cookware’s to the Indian kitchens and also covers a big marketplace of kitchen enterprise with best pressure cookers price in India. Many new products are introduced into the market with good quality manufacturing and superior designs.There are many reasons which makes united top pressure cookers brand in india . The brand is doing good in their field. There are many types of pressure cookers in the list of united cookers such as Inner lid pressure cooker, Induction pressure cooker, Smart pressure cooker, Outer lid pressure cooker and many more. Let’s discuss about something more interesting about the company and its products:


Inner Lid pressure cooker is also termed as Regular Aluminum Inner Lid Pressure Cooker. It is one of the top rated pressure cooker in the market. The sizes available with this model for the home purpose are 1.5ltr, 2.5ltr, 3ltr,5ltr and a series for commercial usage is also there with available sizes of 6.6ltr, 8ltr, 12ltr, 16ltr. The biggest one comes with a capacity of 22 litres in the category of commercial usage. This entire range is made up of pure aluminum material. The food prepared in this cooker tastes yummy and stay nutritious. Over cooking of food can be avoided in this range of pressure cookers.


With the success of inner lid pressure cooker the demands of the induction compatible pressure cookers also get increased. The company has taken all the trust and believe of the users that nobody believes on any company other than United Pressure Cookers. Everybody wants United Pressure Cooker to introduce their own induction based pressure cookers. To fulfill the users demand of induction pressure cooker, company introduces Magic induction series of pressure cookers with three different models that were Magic Black Induction pressure cooker, Magic Silver Induction pressure cooker and Magic Induction pressure cooker. The entire range has a specialty, that they all are induction safe cookers and saves up to 80% of energy.


After getting success in all fields of manufacturing pressure cookers, the time company wants to try something new and different product. This time they come up with the range of Smart Pressure Cookers. This range includes 3 in 1 smart pressure cooker, 2 in 1 echo smart pressure cooker, E-series pressure cooker and Elite pressure cookers with the capacity of 3ltr and 5ltr. These cooker were made to minimize the workload from the cook. These cookers can be utilized in many ways differently and there is no cleaning issues.


Along with the series of smart pressure cookers United company launched another range of pressure cookers as Outer Lid Pressure Cookers. This series is also know as Elegance Series. Series has become more popular and become so demanding. These pressure cooker comes with the capacity of 2ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr and 7.5ltr. According to the users these cookers are more relevant for preparing food with better taste and hygiene. This range of pressure cookers is more demanding among all other pressure cookers.

The United Pressure Cooker has totally covered the market. Everyone prefers to buy products from this company. They provides durable and long lasting products with all new designs and good quality material. United Pressure Cooker and other cookwares are easily available on all retail and wholesale stores in the market. The company has also generated their own site and these products are also available online. Not only on their own website but also on other shopping sites too the product is available. The retail as well as the whole sale dealership is also done between the different dealers and the company.