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Seven Vows

Source : 152   On   09 Dec 2017
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Marriages are an important rite of passage in an individual’s life for any religion or culture. It marks one’s true entry into adulthood, marking him or her fit for taking on the responsibility of well-being of another human being. At the heart of every flashy, extravagant Indian wedding ceremony lies the austerely honest Vedic Hindu Wedding Rituals. The 13 intricate stages of the actual Hindu wedding ceremony enforce the seriousness of what a marriage entails through the various rituals and mantras. Every ritual has its own significance and cannot be done away with. All these ceremonial rituals revolves around the main one which is termed as the Saptapadi (literal meaning: Sapta-Seven and Padi-Steps) where the bride and the groom utter the seven vows of the wedding, hence the marriage, all the while revolving around the sacred fire, seven times.