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Education minds on peace is critical said Pranab

Source : 1   On   02 Dec 2015
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Instructing psyches in peace and agreement is the way to reorient problematic powers in the public eye, said president Pranab Mukherjee while tending to more than 900 understudies at the 62nd assembly of the world's just college set up by Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat Vidyap ith, on Tues day . "Gandhiji in life and in death strug gled for communal agreement ," he said."The adage of Gujarat Vidyapith is `Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye', that is `Education that Liberates'. The understudies of this college are learning Gandhian thought as a subject, as well as gave introduction to world religions too," said Mukherjee. He accentuated that the Vidyapith ought to keep on educating so as to show that hearts and brains of the young social revival on the way of peacefulness is conceivable. 

Mukherjee additionally drew the gathering of people's consideration towards the significance of Gandhiji's `Nayi Taleem' rule for social reproduction - as with the establishment for Gujarat Vidyapith which underscored that information and work are not separate."Nayi Taleem construes `Charitra Nirman' or character building, whose pertinence is expanding by the day. Learning with quality introduction must guide our methodology in instruction, through the three H- - which is Heart, Hand and Head."