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Chennai Flood a natural disaster or a man made one

Source : 1   On   03 Dec 2015
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On the off chance that there are trees, plants and open regions around, downpour water will be consumed by the Earth, yet in the event that we keep on building solid wildernesses, flooding ought not astound you. Chennai surges is not a characteristic fiasco, it is singularly man-made! 

Chennai guaranteed to be Monsoon prepared even before it set in. The Corporation of Chennai guaranteed more than 6,200 metric huge amounts of sediment from the 1,860 km-long water channel system was uprooted. Be that as it may, all the obvious endeavors by the partnership appears to have been overflowed with the city being in a condition of fiasco. The issue not just lies with the wastefulness of the municipal body additionally the spontaneous and ill-advised advancement of the city. 

Chennai's unique territory comprises of numerous lakes and bogs which now is secured with innumerous structures. More than 5,550 hectares of wetlands in the IT Corridor of Velachery, Pallikaranai and Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) have been produced into business land due to which the downpour water has no place to go and in this way, settles rather out and about. There are ranges in Chennai which are overwhelmed notwithstanding amid ordinary Monsoon season.